The best bears wear Schulte´s natural coats! Schulte uses 100 % Mohair to produce Teddy Bear fabrics. Mohair is the natural hair of the Angora goat -(no relation of the angora rabbit!) Mohair got it's name from the Arabian term "Muhayyar", which means "fabric of goat hair". Since 1901 the finest Mohair fabrics are produced at Schulte in Germany.

The happiest Teddies wear a fur made of genuine pure Schulte-Mohair; 100 % natural!

Our strength is in the expert finishing.

We produce special surface effects which make our fabrics almost unique-world-wide. Many of the specialised finishing processes are exclusive to our production. Whichever pile finish you need or wish for: swirled, distressed, antique, curly or plain, densely woven or sparse - we produce them all.

Original Schulte-Mohairs make enthusiast's hearts beat faster! Designer bears - unique creations - need unique fur fabrics.

ORIGINAL SCHULTE MOHAIR: The fur teddys are made of!

Our Original Schulte Alpaca is becoming ever more popular with teddy bear artists the world over! Until now, the use of this prized natural fibre has been mainly reserved for the production of luxurious blankets, duvets and winter coats, but today it is also absolutely trendy for teddy bears.

As teddy bear fabric either made of 100% alpaca or as a blended weave with 25% mohair, our Original Schulte Alpaca distinguishes itself with its fluffy and very thick hair and its excellent working properties. And, of course, it is also 100% natural.

Our speciality has always been woven fur made with natural materials. Naturally, our product line also includes additional fabric variations of

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